About Us

Thank you for your interest in the Bio-Lab Mall Website
  • Introduction
    • The purpose of The Bio-Lab Mall Website is to create a unique specialized market place for the life science industry.  After 15 years of experience and specialization in this field, the Bio-Lab Mall Website is here to help scientists, laboratory stuff in the crucial decision making of equipment and product purchasing.
  • Advantages
    • By gathering the great majority of the Bio-Lab suppliers under the same roof enables the potential customers to ease the search for any supply needed for carrying out the lab tasks.
    • By using the request for quote option and compering the purchase offers from several suppliers, Bio-Lab can save precious resources and achieve a better use of its budget.
    • Moreover, the unique products forums in the website enable all customer to share their knowhow and experience with each product, saving a lot of precious time and money, as well as avoiding a great deal of potential failures.
    •  Suppliers can expose their products to a greater market needs, more potential clients and faster adjustments to the changing market trends and needs.
    • Suppliers can meet many more potential clients and get many more chances to compete with other suppliers on purchase request, responding to more bids offers.
    • Suppliers can advertise to 100% accurate and targeted market place, with the best exposure available for their products.
    •  Supplier and customers are most welcome to contribute and share their thoughts, experience, offers and knowhow in the monthly newsletter of the Bio-Lab Mall Website sent directly to every user email inbox.
  • Registration
    • Only registered user, customers and suppliers, can login to The Bio-Lab Mall Website.
    • Registration to the Bio-Lab Mall Website is open to suppliers, scientists and members, stuff of academic, or industry, or health care and scientific companies, institutions.
    • Registered users, suppliers or customers, that misconduct or abuse the ethical rules will be deleted permanently from The Bio-Lab Mall Website
    • For Customer Registration or For Supplier Registration go to My Account
  • The Bio-Lab Mall Website code of ethic
  • All registered users, customers and suppliers are committed to a high standard code of etic.
  • Trying to abuse the Bio-Lab Mall Website to mislead, to cheat or to hack a private. personal, financial, trade or scientific or business information is unethical conduct and is strictly forbidden, that will be tackled with sever legal counter steps.
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